David Meskhi - photography

honesty and curiosity are rarely employed in such naturally seamless juxtaposition - in any medium of storytelling - as in david meskhi's photographs. accordingly, i am taken aback by the bio on meskhi's page. can't help but feel a bit goaded by the dichotomy his words create between his impression of his own work and the individual perception of anyone who might see it - at times he borders on being brashly arrogant - he delineates and pontificates almost as if he is discarding the need for the viewer to experience and react to his own emotions and process them. and yet, at other times, meskhi says perfectly rational, not-really-revolutionary, nice things in broken english, like:
i want to make other people co-participants in these emotions through pictures. for me, if that happens, photo is a success and if photo is a success, then process of taking pictures is a process of seeking and finding oneself.

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